Eyes open


I’m going through some of my portrait work at the moment, trying to put some kind of portfolio together.  I’m finding it hard simply because there are so many photos to go through.

I’ve read that in a good portrait shot, the eyes should always be in focus.  It’s harder than it looks, especially if like me you insist on trying to catch your subject unawares in order to get a more natural shot.  Try getting the eyes of a 6 year old in focus as he hurtles towards you down a hill.

Still my dear boy, I do say that it always helps if your subject actually has their eyes open!

Love Dad x


2 thoughts on “Eyes open

  1. I loved these eyes… To be honest, I haven’t worked/done a portrait photograph yet. It doesn’t seem easy for me, but I love these kind of photographs. I would like to see more of yours, Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. Nia,

    Thank you for your comment. As someone trying to improve as a photographer, positive comments like yours are really encouraging. Please check through my other posts, there are a few portraits. I’m lucky in that the kids I shoot are all family and family friends, so they are very used to seeing me with the camera. That makes it a lot easier to capture a good picture.

    Mark x

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