The Tourist


Street photography.  It’s been around for ages but as more people pick up a camera, as iPhotography marches ever onwards, it appears more prevalent than ever before.  It’s not something I’ve turned my lens to before.  I think it’s maybe because I’m nervous about the idea of pointing my camera at someone without their knowledge, or because on the surface it’s one of those things that looks so easy yet in actual fact is really difficult to be good at.  To me the real success of street photography is that, when shot properly, the subject isn’t consciously interacting with the camera, but with the scene, or moment, or environment that they are in.

I’ve come across some really good street photographers on here, my favourite being Claire Atkinson.  Her pictures of street life in Manchester are brilliantly shot; the subjects own the picture without ever consciously trying to.  Her success comes from not only her love of her home, but her understanding of what makes it tick.

So inspired by her, I took a simple kit of camera and 50mm lens to London on my trip away with your mum this weekend.  Despite not having lived in London for over 10 years now, I still like to think of it as my second home, and so the opportunity was too good to pass up.  Just so you know, despite it being her birthday, your mum didn’t mind as it gave us an excuse just to wander around.

A very quiet Leadenhall Market, just opposite our hotel.

This guy waited right next to the yellow line until the tube pulled into the station.  I think it took him a little by surprise.

I’m like a magpie, show me something shiny and I’m a happy man.

I like the contrast here between the models in the shop window, and the bronze guy getting ready for a very different type of modelling job.

Shoppers at Covent Garden…

….and the artisans tending to the items on their stalls.

All over London at the moment are lots of different ornamental eggs, part of some great Easter egg hunt.  I found this Moshi Monster one just for you.

On one train, there was this woman wearing these beautiful blue spotted shoes that shone out amongst a sea of brown and black boots and trainers.  I so desperately wanted to photograph them, but found it impossible to be discreet, and didn’t have the nerve on a packed train to ask her.  So this was the result…

It feels like a missed opportunity.  However on the very next train was this guy with his orange sunglasses.  I was stood up this time so I found it a little easier to get the shot.

I’m not too disappointed for a first attempt.  The thing is though, when you’re away from somewhere for such long periods of time it starts to become less familiar, less like the place you once knew so well, and after a while that feeling of home starts to disappear leaving you feeling a bit like a tourist.  So rather than capture the soul of the city in the way that Claire does, I’m dangerously close to having a set of holiday snapshots.

Love Dad x

These pictures are taken without the permission of the people in them.  If you should happen to find yourself in one of these pictures and would like it to be removed from this post, please let me know.  That includes you Moshi Monsters.

3 thoughts on “The Tourist

  1. Wonderful street shots… I loved all of them… You really captured nice moments with your camera. By the way Happy Birthday to your wife, Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. I enjoyed your photos, especially the one with the bronze guy. I agree that the contrast between him and the models in the background makes the image interesting.

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