So I finally finished looking through the pictures from last weeks holiday.  I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t venture to the coast to shoot an artistic sunset or dramatic coastal picture, especially as I’ve been wanting to for some time now.  Instead what I’ve ended up with is just over 600 holiday snaps.  In truth it makes a nice change just to have photographed what was going on in our little group (if you can call 11 people little), and has served as a small reminder of why I picked up a camera in the first place.

Here are just a few memories from a holiday with 6 very hard-working, worn out adults (who thoroughly deserved the break), and the 5 most awesome kids I know.

The village of Ruswarp just outside Whitby.  Our palatial mansion is just out of shot to the left.  The River Esk was very high and fast after the storms on the Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Somehow the snow which covered the surrounding Moors managed to miss us.

For one of us it was our first holiday.

the reaction to witnessing the effects of pepsi on reilly

...and on seeing how many empty wine bottles there were by the week's end

There was lots of football…

…and some skipping.

Showing us how it’s done.

On Thursday we managed to get on the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay

Two beautiful and sometimes mischievous little girls….

…became good friends.

Reilly enjoyed posing for the camera.

However I had to catch you slightly more unawares.

I know you don’t like being photographed, but was the gun really necessary?

"put the camera down dad"

Of course, no visit to Robin Hood’s Bay is complete without a trip to the chippy.

For me holidays are not made memorable by the places that you visit, or the things that you do, but by the people that you are with.  And if that’s the measure of a good holiday, then this was perhaps one of the best I’ve ever had.  In fact it could only have been improved if it had lasted another week.

Now it’s back to reality, but thankfully I still have a few days before I have to go back to work, you have one of your best friends visiting for a few days, there’s still another week of school holidays to look forward to, and a very special day on Tuesday.

Dad x

One thought on “Holiday

  1. Beautiful photographs dear Alfie, your father captured them so nicely… You are so lucky one, I am sure you know this, but when you grow up you will understand this much more… Photography is great… Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, with my love, nia

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