O Green World

Dear Alfie,

I took these pictures the other night before the ladybird ones.  I was playing with depth of field and the ornamental grass against the dark grey background provided a nice contrast.  It was a little breezy and the light was fading so the sharp areas aren’t as sharp as I’d like.

I’ve played with this picture in Snapseed.  The original was very under exposed and I had to manipulate the levels quite a lot to get it to this stage.

I love playing with depth of field.  It’s a good technique to practice especially with subjects such as this, as there are so many different points to focus on.  It’s also really useful for making portrait work more interesting, like we did with the pictures in Foreground.  The key is wide aperture.  I’m going to be showing you how to achieve this when we have a week off together soon so that you can make your Lego figure photos more exciting.

Dad x

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